A downloadable game for Windows

Escapism is the first world I ever built, following my obsession with online spaces and my personal shortcomings with building healthy habits; an attempt to make something both soothing, satisfying to explore, and also deeply uncomfortable and disorienting.

Sometime  between 2013 and 2019 I sabotaged myself and destroyed my working files, so I only have the one very un-optimized PC build remaining! I didn't even realize it ran at all until recently. An artifact from my past, I built this on cracked pre-5.0 unity pro and just shoved as much effects in as I could before I ever learned how to uh, not do that. The *entire landmass* is a water shader. It's beautiful though! It will only run on a fairly powerful computer (I can't play it on my own laptop) so apologies in advance if it doesn't run for you!

I also did not record which videos and audio I pulled off of YouTube, because of course I didn't (I have learnt better since).

There's a video walk-through if you still want to explore and are on mac or it won't run for you!



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